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mission. is the result of a deep love for film and photography, a thorough education and the courage to think big and dare something new.

The person behind Valentina Strobl, a passionate filmmaker, video editor and photographer from South Tyrol, who believes in the power of visual media to reach people and convey important ideas.

I have always been fascinated by videos or photographs that affect people and trigger emotions. Exactly that is the goal for my own projects: to create meaningful visual content that has an impact and supports great concepts, people or brands.




In 1997, I was born in the pretty mountain village Dobbiaco, which lies in the heart of the Italian Dolomites. In the course of my childhood, I developed a profound passion for the visual media.

At high school, I had the possibility to take several multi-media courses, where I learned the basics of digital and analogue photography as well as filmmaking. I then chose the bachelor program "MultiMediaArt - Film" at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg.

Lots of exciting courses gave me a profound, practice-oriented training in cinematography, editing and photography. I realized many interesting projects with other creative students and expanded my experience.

In 2018, I completed an internship at the production company Recom Film in Stuttgart, where I was able to edit high-budget projects for big clients such as Porsche or BMW. I gained an in-depth insight into the advertising industry and deepened my technical know-how as editor.


After my graduation in July 2019, where I received the "Bachelor of Fine Arts", I wanted to continue working both in a creative and technical field. I decided to return to my beautiful home town in the Dolomites and founded my business I am very happy about this decision, as it allows me to fulfill my passion, work with local companies and meet awesome people along the way.

business partner.


I am proud about the long-term collaboration with the certified, motivated drone pilot Ivan Bachmann from B.FLY Drone Content, who offers high-quality drone content for individual projects. As long as manageable with legal regulations and weather conditions, we can guarantee a professional and suitable solution to each and every customer request.

For more information, technical details and specific work samples, visit the website.

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